History Repeated: The Freedom to Cook with Confidence™

History Repeated: The Freedom to Cook with Confidence™

“The British are coming. One if by land, two if by sea.” If you studied American history, there is a good chance this famous quote attributed to Paul Revere has stuck with you. But what you may not know is that this horseback-riding hero had historic impact on how we cook today, too.

REVERE® was also famous for starting a state-of-the-art copper foundry after the Revolutionary War that gave him the ability to “roll” malleable sheets of copper. What does this have to do with cooking? Revere’s new capabilities led to many successful business opportunities, including the introduction of REVERE® WARE cookware with the help of his innovative son and partner, Joseph Warren Revere.

How did REVERE® cookware quickly become the most popular and most reliable in the industry? We chronicled the 130-year journey that began long before the introduction of the gasoline automobile, the assembling of the Statue of Liberty, or the convenience of electric in most kitchens.


Copper was most useful on ships at the time, so most of the copper sheet production went to the Navy yard. Sheets were applied to the wooden hulls of boats to protect them from destructive worms. Cookware was an afterthought—but an untapped opportunity. Back then most cookware was heavy, made of cast iron, copper or bronze. Early products were skillets with heavy copper bodies and basic iron handles.


Several companies merged during this turbulent time, and the consolidation created the second largest producer of copper and brass products in the U.S. Again, the historic Revere name stuck—Revere Copper and Brass Incorporated. Cookware hadn’t evolved to this point, but that would soon change…


Salesman Chester McCreery suggested that using chrome instead of tin plating would improve durability for cookware. Tin, after all, was easily damaged with day-to-day use. While chrome was a solid idea, the product line failed to potatoes—as it turned out, cooking potatoes with salt caused the chrome to flake off of the copper. The product line was abandoned, but the idea wasn’t.


REVERE WARE was introduced to the public at the Chicago Housewares Show. The public was sold!


“Copper Clad Stainless Steel” soon became the trademark for the brand. Its innovative Bakelite handles started to show problems. But like all great brands, the way a company responds can pave the way for success. REVERE® WARE modified the handle castings and even more importantly, mailed complete replacement sets to customers requesting them, at no cost!


After World War II, new demands for products meant more opportunity for REVERE® WARE. Institutional Ware was introduced for restaurants, schools and military bases. Miniature REVERE WARE, perfectly scaled-down for child-size use, was popular with the kids. And Patriot Ware, without a copper core, was launched as a more budget-friendly version.


When non-stick surfaces hit the market, it was time for REVERE® WARE to answer the challenge. At the time, no process existed to bond Teflon to stainless steel. R&D looked at other methods to add non-stick surfaces to REVERE® pots and pans. Perma-Sheen was introduced on stainless steel and Perma-Loc technology was added to all aluminum lines. But the adjustment was a bit late and other brands began taking market share from the most popular cookware line ever produced. Still rooted in the all-American family, REVERE® remained popular as wedding or family gifts and young couples starting their new lives, remaining in some families for nearly 60 years.

1970s to 1980s: COOKWARE EXPLOSION

Aluminum at the time wasn’t a strong seller for REVERE WARE. And, with changing definition of mealtime and prep, including the explosion of fast and processed foods, REVERE® WARE’s market began to shrink. New products were introduced, but the competition was fierce in the kitchen market. New brands were being introduced at record pace, while microwavable meals and drive-thrus were thriving. Despite challenges, REVERE continued to hold a strong position with millions of pans in homes across North America.


Corelle Brands LLC, parent company of many famous kitchen brands like Pyrex, CorningWare, Corelle and Chicago Cutlery, took over the REVERE® WARE brand. While new lines were changed frequently, the company took more time to evaluate how to return a loved kitchen cookware brand to market prominence.


REVERE is on a mission and is again leading innovation in cookware with a patent-pending new feature and two landmark introductions focused on giving everyone in the kitchen the “freedom to cook with confidence™."

Each new line resonates back to its REVERE® roots, with innovation and durability driving the difference between REVERE® cookware and the rest of the market. New features include:

  • Nest&Protect™.The handles interlock, allowing pans to neatly stack and stay elevated, seemingly floating above each other, in storage. This eliminates scratches. (Patent pending.)
  • Tempered-Glass Dome Lids. These lids lock in the heat and moisture, and you can peek in on your cooking at all times.
  • Stay-Cool Handles. The new handles stay cool to touch on the stove.
  • Drip-Free Pouring. The drip-free rims keep your kitchen mess free.
  • Interchangeable Lids. No more searching through your drawer for the right fit. Just grab and go, as many lids are interchangeable.
  • Completely Cooktop Compatible. Either set of REVERE® cookware can be used on gas and electric stoves. The COPPER CONFIDENCE CORE™ STAINLESS STEEL COOKWARE is compatible with today’s induction surfaces.
  • Dishwasher and Oven Safe. Cooking should be effortless. Both new sets are dishwasher and oven safe—up to 350°F for any piece with handles, and up to 500°F for the Dutch oven and braising pans when used without lids.

Once again, REVERE® has set the standard for the best cookware available. With all the new innovation, REVERE® is delivering on its mighty promise—giving everyone in the kitchen The Freedom to Cook with Confidence™.